– Cleaner-disinfectant: Disinfection of 99.6% of germs, viruses and microorganisms without the need to add bleach or other chemicals.
– Eliminates all types of surface contaminants.
– Does not leave chemical residues.
– It does not leave odors.
– Does not require rinsing.
– Acts in less time than other chemical products.
– Ecological.
– Very safe for the people who use it, since it is a natural compound that does not leave chemical residues on clothes, surfaces or skin.
– Complies with the most demanding health regulations: the European Union FDA and the American FDA and is recommended by the WHO as an efficient and safe product for disinfection.

* Ozono is regulated by BPR, Regulation (EU) 518/2012, type PT01, PT02, PT04 and PT05.


  1. Constant use of OZONE WATER for the disinfection of all surfaces in the room.
  2. Use of a mask at all times by the monitors.
  3. We will have hydro-alcoholic gel.
  4. Before enrolling your child in the center you must sign a responsible statement that will be provided to you.
  5. Each child’s temperature will be taken on arrival with a digital thermometer.
  6. Children’s shoes will be removed at the door upon arrival.  The soles will be disinfected and then stored in the shoe rack.
  7. We will wash the children’s hands at the time of each arrival, as well as several times throughout the day.
  8. The uniform of the monitors will be washed every day.
  9. Any information will be requested through WhatsApp, telephone or e-mail.
  10. To visit the facilities will be by appointment during the hours that the center is closed.
  11. Only one parent will be able to access the center for the arrival or departure of their child.  With MANDATORY use of MASK.
  12. It is totally forbidden to bring objects or toys from home to the center.
  13. The flexible timetable will remain in force. Parents must call or send a message 15 minutes before the pick-up of their child.
  14. Children must have impeccable hygiene, as well as be changed daily.  Clean hands and nails.
  15. All utensils will be washed, and therefore; disinfected with ozone water.
  16. Toys shall be disinfected every day after each workday.
  17. At the slightest sign that you or your child has any suspicious symptoms, you will not be allowed to come to the center under ANY circumstances.  If, as a result, your child is ill or has a fever at any time, parents will be called and will have to pick them up IMMEDIATELY.  No exceptions.
  18. Children and teachers will remain barefoot, as we have adapted flooring for children that regulate the temperature in both winter and summer.
  19. We will take an impeccable disinfection and hygiene of the premises.
  20. We will count on monthly, weekly and daily fees.  The vouchers will be exempt from use to avoid the constant entry and exit of children.
  21. The child with long hair is recommended to bring it up.
  22. We will continue offering the service from Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 16.30h.
  23. Range from 2 to 5 years old.
  24. We will carry out all these measures STRICTLY.  If any parent does not comply with them, we will remove their child from the center.
  25. Parents who come to drop off or pick up their children will have to wait the corresponding shifts with social distancing outside the premises. You may not stay more than 5 minutes in the center.