How did the name “Le Petit Cocó” come about?

The idea of our name comes from the French expression “Le Petit”, which means “small”, followed by “Cocó”, which symbolizes a small nest of chicks, hence our logo. This represents the evolution of the child, from the moment it leaves the egg until it matures enough to fly by itself.

Why choose us?

Our educational base is a pedagogical, playful and practical learning, in which we merge the popular Montessori method with the innovator Waldorf method

. . .Do you know them?

Our Ludoteca is sectioned by corners with the purpose of giving physical place to each area of the child’s development, based on the Montessori Method. With this we manage to promote integral and autonomous learning.

Each area of development is worked through the Waldorf Method, which states that the human being is an individuality of spirit, soul and body, giving more priority to the creative and artistic faculties. In this way, it not only focuses on cognitive development but also emotional development.